How to get a pay raise

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I Plan your approach. Never work on instinct . Leaping into the elevator with your boss and calling that an opportunity to chat about your job is reckless to the point of being extremely dumb I Do masses of pre-meet work. In the weeks or months leading up to your "ask," you should be raising your profile and exhibiting all those reasons why your boss should be awarding you more money I Be punctual and be seen looking keen and vigorous . Sit near the front at meetings and make positive points Visualize what a vital employee of your company would look like and then become that person Go for visuals above proper work There's absolutely no point working late or turning up early if the boss isn't there to see you I Target the big cheese. It is completely pointless to spend one whisker of time trying to look good to anyone other than the person who will be making the decision about your pay raise It is a good rule in business to trust no one Therefore, jumping through body language and image hoops in the hopes your line manager will report favorably on you to the HR manager or whoever is probably going to be time wasted Always perform in front of your target audience; never work by proxy. I Make an appointment for your "ask . " Choose the time carefully Is he or she a morning or afternoon person? When does his or her job get really busy? When does he or she prefer to mellow and chat? What time does he or she like to leave work? Tune in to his or her thinking and mood patterns I Try not to drop hints . People are easier to persuade if they're caught on the hop, before they've had time to formulate their response If you're asked for a reason for the meeting, try the Trojan Horse technique, telling your boss it's about the order numbers in accounts then adding the pay raise on to the agenda once you're in the meeting I Look as though you expect a favorable response . It's hard to say no to people who are looking keen, open, and friendly If you look defensive or aggressive, you'll have done half their work for them already, making it much easier for them to say what you're obviously already thinking

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