How to hold hands

Hand-holding is important to a relationship as it tends to chart the stage a couple is at and their emotional and status compatibilities, plus the state of their communication

This is the classic form of hand-holding, implying a strong bond and a youthful approach to the relationship. The person with his or her hand on top in the clasp is usually the more dominant partner . The hands should be clasped firmly to imply sexual closeness . If the fingers are linked or entwined there's an even stronger desire to be seen as one unit

This kind of hand-holding is a signature pose from the likes of the Beckhams. Although it places the male firmly in the dominant position, doing the leading, steering, and protecting, it also creates something of a diva image for the female, making her look like the star while he takes on the role of bodyguard

This is a much more traditional power-balance, with the guy in the dominant role while the woman becomes compliant to make the pose work

This displays a huge status discrepancy The guy's pose is independent and macho and the girl has to make all the running to create the impression they're a couple This suggests selfishness from the guy and submissiveness from the girl

This is a difficult pose to carry off and walk at the same time, so the couple will register they're very much in tune and physically comfortable with one another . There's a large amount of status equality in this pose, suggesting they both like to protect the other's back

This pose will only work if the guy's much taller It's an easy-going pose but with the guy stamping ownership on to his woman If his shoulder hand is clutching her he's fiercely proud and protective, but if his hand is just draped as though he's using her to prop up his arm, he's probably self-centered and a bit of a love rat

This is the "my hero" pose, possessive and proud, with the woman lowering her own status to the rank of a fan in an attempt to boost her guy's standing.

All couples have a way of beaming out their ownership signals . A possessive personality can often force these signals, causing discomfort to the other partner . Healthy ownership signals need to be evenly balanced and agreed, rather than enforced I Grooming gestures . These strike genuine fear into the hearts of most men. It's that moment the woman picks a hair or piece of lint off his jacket or jeans, or rubs a mark off his face or smooths his hair down for him Even the smallest grooming gesture will promote the idea to the rest of the room that you're taken. It's hugely possessive and will cause panic in the groomee I Tie-signs . These subtle body language signals are almost invisible to the naked eye but they're the

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