How to look for signs of rejection or being dismissive

I Brushing hand across knee or thigh as though brushing away crumbs . Those invisible crumbs could be symbolic of your thoughts or ideas .

I Shrugging. This gesture really does mimic a throwing off of ideas or situations . If they do this in reply to your idea or conversation, it's likely they're casting it off, but it could apply to their own speech, so look for the moment of shrug and what's being said at the time

I Head shaking. This mimics a child rejecting the breast and is one of the most basic human body language signals

I Folding arms and leaning back in chair . Again, check timing These barrier gestures can signal rejection

I Breathing in and looking upward . Eyes can be used to produce intentional signals—for example, show a desire to escape or look heavenward for inspiration or help This gesture suggests they're digging deep for inspiration or thought Not a good sign for acceptance!

I Pursing lips or sucking lips in. This implies retention of negative words, thoughts, or feelings

I Tapping. This metronomic gesture can signal they want the conversation to end

I Neck-wobble. This is likely to mean aggression is building

I Hand raised. Often to stop or block speech.

I Turning away when talking. This very basic form of rejection also could be a sign of shyness, though

I Eye-dart . This can mean mixed feelings, including panic or a desire to escape

I Sitting back in chair, looking downward. They could be lost in thought but they could also be hiding negative responses

I Carrying on working. This often prompts cognitive dissonance in the speaker—that is, it's such a big sign of rejection that we almost think they can't really be that rude and continue speaking But they can be that rude .

I Staring at their screens . This is an intentional gesture that can imply they'd rather be dealing with anything more interesting, even their screensavers!

I Fast nodding. A nonverbal interruption.

I Hand flapping. Could be a sign of enjoyment but more likely to signal drowning

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