How to mask effectively

I Full-body masking is a hard stunt to pull off . In general your biggest giveaways of true emotion will be your hands and your feet Bring these in on the act or keep them out of trouble by doing something while you're masking If a friend asks if you like his or her ghastly partner, make sure you're zipping your boots or straightening your tie as you answer I If you feel enormous pressure building before you mask, the best form of relief is the truth. If your partner asks if you've forgotten a birthday, shouting: "Yes, of course I did,

I'm a cold-hearted unthinking git!" will clear the way for the following mask: "Joking! Of course I didn't, I have a surprise present for later!" I Always analyze the reason for your mask before you apply it .

How hurtful would the truth be, or how damaging to your career or relationship? How hurt would your mother be if you tell her what you really think of that sweater she knitted for you? Or how detrimental would it be to your love life if you told your partner you'd had better sex with someone else? This could be a powerful motivator to create a convincing mask

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