How to persuade and influence

Once you've identified your profile, you can learn to spot the style of anyone you're talking to, even in very speedy transactions . Look for clues about the way they work or the way your meeting was booked . Were they thorough and was it well planned or was it more on the hoof, with interruptions? Do they like to make small talk at the start or get straight down to business? How are their listening skills? How quickly do they talk and how animated are they?

Keep an open mind, but start to hunt for clues as soon as you're introduced Your next step is to create what's called a complementary transaction style

Like doesn't always appreciate like, and Performers with Analysts and Movers with Empathizers will probably have big struggles creating fast-track rapport and empathy . This is the core problem with business transactions, as opposed to social ones In business you might only get a few moments with your audience . Maybe you deal with the public or maybe you work in a busy company where conversations are fleeting You might have a boss or chief executive who only puts in sporadic appearances, and who you have to impress quickly or risk losing the moment Modern business often has a feeling of speed dating about it!

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