How to tell if he likes you

I Eye-gaze is the first step. He'll catch your glance and hold it for a half-second longer than normal Then he'll look away Then he'll look back

I He should then change his state in some way, either succumbing to shyness signals like dipping his head, blushing, pulling in his lips, or having an accelerated pace of movement, sometimes getting jerky or clumsy I If he's with his friends they'll all notice his changed state and will all look over to check you out I They'll then probably start mock hitting him to ridicule him This is a strange male-bonding ritual that is intended to remind him that male friendships are more important than girls and sex I Nature will urge him to perform "chest-banging" rituals to show off his alpha and sexual credentials The first change will be a slight puffing of his chest, then a splaying of the legs . If he's in a confined space or crowd he might also perform pelvic jiggling or small butt thrusts to show what he looks like when he's having sex . (I have to point out these are subconscious responses and very subtle . Any man who starts dry humping the bar when he sees you should be given a very wide berth!) I Another form of chest banging is showing off . This will be rituals like punching his friends playfully or even wrestling them, throwing peanuts into the air and catching them in his mouth, laughing loudly, or drinking too much I If he comes across to talk you should begin to see signs of face softening. His behavior and facial expression when he speaks to you should be different from the way he looks and speaks to everyone else in your group The urge to smile will intensify with time Men usually attempt to suppress these smiles, so expect to see a struggle going on with the mouth

I He'll feel a deep desire to check your body out once he's established his eye-buzz credentials . A top-to-toe sweep is a giveaway

I His next job is to single you out and separate you from the group He'll gradually get closer and begin to stand in a position that starts to cut you off from the room, so that he gets your undivided attention

I Don't expect early touch but do expect intentional touching. This is a public signal involving placing an arm on the bar behind your back or your chair, not touching but mimicking a hug

I Or he might get playful, doing joke hitting. This is part of the sexual touch exploration ritual It is really only appropriate once you start to get to know one another . Anyone who uses play-hits as a pick-up should be avoided

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