How to tell if she likes you

I The eye-buzz is the same for both sexes—expect that first gaze to be held marginally longer than normal

I She will then look away in a downward direction, pause, then look back at you. This is a shyness display that once would have signified virginity

I She will face soften, possibly smiling although possibly not right in your direction

I Most girls will do a quick grooming audit, touching their hair or clothing quickly .

I Postural echo can occur at this stage. You might find you're both moving in a synchronized way .

I She might also try a more extreme form of mating call, like laughing extremely loudly or flicking her hair all over the place .

I Watch for the slight arching of the spine as she holds herself upright

I When you talk, expect increased eye-gaze plus some lip licking

I Girls are very good at marking their territory to signal to the other girls that a guy's taken. This will involve some very fleeting form of touch, possibly on the arm or shoulder If she picks a thread or speck off your top she's being intensely possessive

I Tapping or patting your arm or leg might increase if she thinks she's not getting enough of a response

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