How to tell if theyre not interested

I They turn away after the first glance.

I Their facial expression doesn't change .

I They create more barriers, either folding their arms or raising their wine glass to chest or chin height

I Their eyes continue to scan the room while you're talking to them

I Their eye-gaze moves toward the door in an intentional gesture

I They begin to face touch, signaling anxiety or boredom.

I Their smile begins to look stretched and fake .

I Their torso turns away from your direction.

I The classic wisdom is that she'll cross her legs away from you if she's not interested. This isn't always accurate though. Girls recross their legs to be comfortable Also, if you're sitting side by side, crossing her legs away could mean her pelvis moves closer to you

I Ditto with the direction his or her toes are pointing. This isn't exactly a "take it with a pinch of salt" theory but eye-gaze is a better indicator of interest.

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