Excessive selfcalm or selfcomfort rituals like selfhug selfstroke or facetouch

I Nail-biting, scratching, lip-biting rituals . Self-attacks can be a sign of suppressed aggression but will mainly hint at stress

I Fiddling. This is normal but can increase with stress . If you don't know what's normal for this person always search for other symptoms to endorse the diagnosis

I Tapping. Stressed people can feel the pressure of time at all times . Tapping can be a metronomic gesture showing a constant desire to hurry I Looking toward the exit . Eye-gaze can register intentions or desires, in this case a desire to escape I Barriers like folded arms or drinks or bags held high to chest. If they look like an auto-contact body-hug, they could signal stress or anxiety . I Excessive straightening gestures: notes, ties, hair, pens, and so on Stress can prompt excessive tidiness or need to control

I Pacing . This can be aggressive arousal and/or the sympathetic nervous system prompt to fight or flight I Puffing. This can signal a constant need to release

Continue reading here: Pentup tension I Eyedart or stammering eye fast blinking Stress releases

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