If youre interviewing someone never use the old trick of sitting at the corner of the table to avoid getting a barrier between you

This position is only suitable for a doctor/patient relationship as it implies touch, and they'll think you're about to do a full rectal examination Have a whole table between you


There are some seats that will never allow you to look charismatic and others that will make even the biggest geek look powerful and confident I've watched countless politicians fall at the junior school hurdle when they've accepted a kiddie seat to get closer to the pupils for a photo-opportunity and only realized their mistake when it was too late It can happen with adult chairs, too Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a big man and his team need to get more chair demanding. During a recent evening TV interview his chair was so small he looked as though he was squatting on a bean-bag I know you can't always pick your chairs at work, but when you have options or even clout, why settle for the kid's chair when you can have one that makes you look graceful and confident? I Avoid chairs without arms . To look charismatic you'll need some sort of shelf for your elbows I Avoid the traditional secretary chairs . Functional but low status

I Only get a chair with a very high back if you're tall. Otherwise you'll look like a small kid I Pick a chair that adjusts to you and the way you like to sit, not a chair that dominates . I Make sure your chair is the right height for you. Your legs shouldn't be raised up off the seat nor should they be dangling

I Avoid sofas and armchairs . Great for the home but in business they add years to your age by making your posture look too "old folk's home " I Never use a squeaky chair . I Never roll your chair around the office. I Chairs that rock or rotate are good but only in performance mode Too much rocking will look manic or psychotic Side-to-side rolling can look like stress I Perching on tables is great because it sits you higher than everyone else and implies leadership and energy However, all this evaporates if the table is unable to take your weight

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