Keep your points short and concise and your body language dynamic

I One of the least popular body language routines during meetings will come from the serial moaner. He or she will make a point with barely disguised irritation or suppressed anger or frustration Then he or she will sit back in the seat with arms folded, and he or she will always execute what I call the 'turkey neck-wobble' as he or she speaks This type of person's favorite phrases are: "That's all very well, but..." or simply "Yes, but." Don't become them . Keep open body language gestures, a positive facial expression and good eye contact

Business meetings can be a foul abuse of your time, but rather than dying of boredom take steps to get the most out of them Never use them as an opportunity to sit in silence over a cup of coffee Instead, see meetings as a platform for your own ideas as well as sharing and swapping thoughts with others . This requires energy and input Remember that when you do speak, you also need to take steps to make sure the other attendees listen

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