Mouthshrugoften accompanied by a oneshoulder shrug It

involves pulling the corners of the mouth down and pushing the chin up slightly If the chin is raised along with the head it's more likely to be an oxbow mouth, signaling defiance or stubbornness I Fingers covering mouth. Not the mouth-hide gesture of a liar but the more deliberate-looking placing of one finger (usually the index) vertically across the lips

I Looking down at notes . They could be looking for proof of your claims I Palm rocking. The hand is held out vertically and rocked backward and forward, signaling they're not impressed

I Leg-lock. One leg is crossed across the other thigh. This is when the leg is raised so that the calf is placed across the thigh, forming a barrier I Leg-clamp. Ditto but with hands holding the top leg This can increase the hint that they're not in agreement

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