Never take food or drink home with you I Dont be too quick with the business cards It looks cheesy

and desperate I Mirror the person you're talking to. Slightly and subtly copy their pose and energy . Aim for something unisex I watched a man networking with a group of women at an event and he stood with his legs splayed, rocking on his heels and fiddling with change in his pocket The effect was more like some god-awful mating ritual than an attempt at business networking I I once watched Bill Clinton do the shoulder-grab to great effect He was talking to former Russian President Vladimir Putin and wanted to bring in former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. So Clinton placed a firm but friendly hand on Putin's shoulder and steered him across to Blair, then kept his hand on Putin's shoulder throughout the introductions and opening conversation It was high status, yes, and I'd balk about recommending you try it But it was such a brave, sturdy, and in-control piece of networking that I was breathless with admiration He'd taken Putin across but not dumped him when he got there

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