Never use signals of suppressed aggression or challenge It

only makes it easier for them to say no Workplace conflicts never lead to resolution. Never offer threats or you'll kick off a status or power battle that only a boss can win I For this reason keep your own body language slightly subservient to theirs, although always display confidence If you look overpowering you might even make them want to say no There have been many moments when I have been keen to make changes to suit the person talking to me but their attitude has made me relish the opportunity to turn them down I Never display signs of suppressed anything. Sitting in front of your boss looking like a volcano about to erupt will only ever change your state for the worse Breathe out and leave all emotional baggage outside the room Red faces, hands balled into fists, bulging eyes, tearful eyes, lip chewing, hand wringing, or baleful staring will do nothing to add value to your argument Look intelligent and reasonable I Emotion is better issued verbally in the workplace. Physical displays tend to be the equivalent of losing face, which is why a proper leader is usually portrayed as calm at all times Nobody's stopping you from discussing your feelings, though Keep in mind that a nonverbal display of anger or upset will normally turn people off and devalue your point but saying something like "I have to tell you that I feel very angry about this" and dishing it up with calm logical body language and vocal tone will make your message far more potent

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