Pulling themselves up to full height to look bigger and make

their heads higher I Legs splayed . Splaying is a sign of alpha or physical status boosting I Reading over your shoulder. This is intimidating . Although it might not be done for that purpose, it should rightly prompt suspicions of Power Posturing

I Standing too close. Spatial aggression can mean an attempt to intimidate I Invading your space or desk-space. I Sitting or standing higher than you. Elevation is usually a sign they consider themselves higher in status or more powerful I Increased eye contact . This can be interest or intimidation

I Hand or hands on hips. This is likely to be subconscious but body bulking can signal Power Posturing I Strong-grip handshake. Crushing means domination. I Patting you on the shoulder or back (if it's on the head I think you'll get the message anyway). The pat of power might look friendly but it's also a parental-style put-down A clear sign they feel superior to you I Steepled fingers . To let you know they're being very precise and formal (see opposite).

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