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adrenalin burst I Tightening of the lips. This is the muscle tension caused by aggressive arousal . If the top lip becomes as tight as a drum and is pulled back far enough to bare some of the top set of teeth, prepare for flight! I Baring or jutting of lower jaw teeth. This is more of an aggressive pose, aimed to threaten rather than fight It can be part of the fight buildup, though

I Curling up of top lip. This is likely to be a performed signal of dislike or cynicism I A set look to the jaw . Muscle tension affects the jaw, even creating speech changes—that is, talking through clenched teeth I Hands curled into fists.

I Inability to keep still. Both pacing and constant movement can signal aggressive arousal as the body prepares for fight I Pointing. This involves the finger being used as a symbol of weaponry. For pointing (at you) read virtual stabbing Watch their other gestures and cluster signals for confirmation I Aggressive gestures like chopping or dismissive hand flapping. I Arms folded high on the chest. This displays the arm muscles, protects the chest, and makes the body look bulkier

I Staring. If their eye contact increases to staring they're either in love with you or they want to attack The difference is easy to spot Love involves eye softening Anger makes the eyes bulge I Avoiding gaze altogether . This would come under the heading of ignoring, which can be aggressive . Make sure you're not seeing shyness, though Aggressive ignoring usually involves a raised chin, as though they're too important to see you

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