• Break the "rules" to get results.

• Recognize your key states that could mess up your body language. Visualize your adult state and allow that to take over leadership and control instead chapter six

The next work we're going to do to achieve that control is with your hand movements. We've already created the beginnings of postural excellence and now we need to make sure your hands are what politicians would call "online" with your ideal performed messages. This creates what are called coverbal gestures, or congruence (as we've already seen in chapter 1).

your current hand gestures

I What are your self-comfort rituals —that is, all those fiddling, scratching, stroking, sucking, and chewing habits you do when you're under pressure or wanting to self-calm?

I What range of emphatic gestures do you have when you're speaking? Are there some you repeat over and over again? Or do you throw your hands around as you talk?

Be aware that it's easy to "catch" a hand gesture and not all copy is prompted by inspirational mimicry Two days after Prime Minister Tony Blair announced he was stepping down from office and Gordon Brown had stepped up to the plate, the often dour-looking Scot was doing a Blairstyle gated hands gesture

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