Leakage hand gestures

Remember your body language "leakage," all those give-away signals that act as your Personal Heckling system? Well, much of your leakage will come from your hand gestures, which tend to go out of control once you're put under pressure Many of your leakage gestures can be misleading, but I've already read you the riot act over "no sick notes" and that rule has to stand

Even if you rub your hands because of a chill in the air, if it looks like nerves it will have to stop . If you fiddle with jewelry, take it off for keynote meetings . If you twiddle your hair, tie it back .

Any gesture that's not part of your congruent message will be botching your communication via heckling and will therefore have to be deleted from your repertoire . Do this by visualizing and then rehearsing those gestures that will enhance your verbal communication

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