What makes someone likeable at interview stage? Likeability is random, but there are some patterns that you can use for your benefit 1. We tend to like people who are like us . Therefore, your mirroring techniques will be vital. Be alert throughout the interview, too The interviewers' body language or communication might change They could relax or become more friendly and chatty . These are called cues . You should take them as an invitation to follow suit, although "follow" is the operative word . Never take the lead, as it's not your role to change the mood of the meeting by taking control

2. Gestures that are directed out toward your audience will make them like you more These are inclusive gestures, rather than exclusive . People have the same liking for animated facial expressions, especially if they include similar inclusive tie-signs that speak directly to an audience

3. People like people who talk their own language . If you can pick up on any of their terms or jargon they'll tend to find it easier to like you

Here's the list of inclusive as opposed to exclusive gestures .

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