A job interview is one of the most important body language performance moments in your life . Unless you're a professional poker player I seriously doubt there will ever be so much money hanging on so brief an encounter .

The very worst advice you will ever be given about interviews is this: "Just be yourself. "

Anyone who says this to you is wrong, wrong, wrong Job interviews are formal and false and chock-full of rituals You'll have to get gussied up and sit alone in a chair in a smallish room being questioned by a group of people you've never seen before in your life Therefore there is no "yourself" in this particular scenario

What you will need to do is to look like the person they are looking for. How many companies do you think are actively scouring the land for you as you really are? This isn't Prince Charming clutching a glass slipper, it's a company wanting to recruit someone who will make a difference to their profits or output . "Just be yourself' means no planning, no rehearsing, and no real effort. Now as much as I hate clich├ęs, I'm duty-bound to throw a couple in your direction right now, which you should keep in mind when getting ready for a job interview: "No pain, no gain" and "To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail . "

I'm not asking you to change everything about yourself, but a bit of polishing, buffing, and tweaking never harmed anyone's chances

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