Making your presence felt at business meetings

I Always be punctual.

I Never walk in carrying a cup of coffee or a sandwich.

I Only carry papers .

I Sit in a seat that is diagonal to the most powerful person.

I Sit facing the door .

I Never sit squashed against a wall—space means power .

I Don't hang your jacket over the back of your chair .

I If you're in charge, sit at the top of the table or create a "Last Supper" formation (see page 298).

I Always pick a chair with armrests.

I Sit into the back of the chair but never slump.

I Don't help yourself to coffee and cookies.

I The only prop you have should be a pen, but don't abuse your pen! (see tips on pages 114 and 326.)

I shake hands, offering yours, first if you're hosting the meeting.

I don't give out business cards until the end of the meeting.

I Make a written note of names and who's sitting where, but don't let others see you doing it.

I Always say something within the first three minutes.

I use rotational eye contact, picking out everyone around the table.

I Be an active listener, nodding when people talk.

I Never become inactive; like a jogger stopping to cross a street, it's hard to get the momentum going to get back up to speed again.

I never create body barriers with folded arms or your hands over your body.

I Be prepared to stand if necessary to make your killer points, but only if you need the floor for a long period of time.

I if you do stand, make sure you're fully upright before you start speaking. Take a moment.

I use announcement gestures to let people know you're about to speak, like a lightly raised arm, sitting forward and placing your hands on the table, taking off your glasses, raising both hands, palms frontward, and so on.

I never speak from your listening position; it lacks drama and effect. Always change your state before you speak.

I Be a good, attentive listener because it means you should deserve the same back . If you interrupt people, talk over them, or ignore them, you're creating bad karma

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