Metronomic gestures

These are those tapping, time-measuring hand, foot, or leg movements that act as your own personal metronome to either speed up or slow down your thinking and bodily movement. As a self-motivator or self-stimulator they're great because they allow you to set your own pace without even thinking about it. When you tap that pen into the palm of your hand the odds are you're trying to egg your brain on to come up with a speedy response or idea So far, so good However, although this is a good tool for self-stimulation, it begins to become a bit of a liability when you perform it when someone else is speaking Your personal metronome will look very much like a "hurry up" signal to the speaker This will have two effects

1. It will make them a much worse communicator . We don't like to be rushed; it makes us crap at anything we're trying to do

2. It will make you look very rude . Even on a subconscious level

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