Charismatic people are always classy networkers If the thought of working a room, walking the job, or pressing the flesh fills you with terror, then don't worry—you're in good company

The first thing to do to resolve any moments of diffidence or irrational dread is to give yourself a little talking to Business is not some sort of corporate dating agency To make an impact you must learn how to project yourself with pride and confidence This means being able to walk up to people (often total strangers), introduce yourself, and do small talk


I When you're in what is cheesily referred to as a "networking opportunity" (which is arguably most of your life), never hunt in packs or pairs . Working alone means no chance to stand chatting to someone you know well already

I Set targets. Eight intros and chats per hour is good; it will keep the momentum going

I Get a drink but don't pause after that or you'll stall. If you start getting too picky you'll put off working the room.

I Avoid groups of two or solo people. Go for threesomes if you can as they'll be easier to penetrate

I See the gap in the group you're going to stand in and walk toward it with energy When a group sees a fast-moving object bearing down on it, it will widen that gap Lurk too creepily and they're likely to close it to keep you out

I If you find yourself hovering because they won't let you in, wait only two seconds then wave to a pretend person across the room and walk off

I When you're in the gap introduce yourself silently by looking and smiling at the people on either side

I Never interrupt the speaker as they have the alpha role, albeit temporarily

I While they're speaking gain acceptance from the group by using mirroring techniques . Copy their pace, energy, and type of body language

I When the alpha finishes making his or her point, slide in under the radar by complimenting or agreeing with it, or even ask a question about the subject matter Then when you have everyone's attention, introduce yourself using eye contact and a genuine smile I Remember, groups aren't always polite or accepting, especially groups of people who hate networking and suffer from their own insecurities You might be treated like the runt of the litter but that doesn't mean you have to think like one or act like one I Be careful where you hold your glass: waist height will project openness and confidence. Higher and it starts to look like a barrier

I Be careful what you eat. In fact, only eat if you're hosting and your guest is eating Eat to keep them company, not because you're hungry It's almost impossible to eat party food and look charismatic at the same time . I don't think I've ever seen a charismatic person eating when working a room . If you must eat, avoid danger foods like pastry, chicken legs, sandwiches with tomato or funny lettuce in them, salad (unless it's finely chopped), and anything runny . Don't forget the difficulties of holding a glass and a plate Your call! I suggest you eat before you go . I Never line up for the buffet . I Never fill your plate or pile it high.

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