Opposites attract

Let's start with some negatives Movers can struggle to enjoy their transactions with Empathizers . When the Empathizer wants to stand and chat over coffee and cookies, the Movers want to make quick points and move on Movers are not hugely interested in feelings or emotions They're time-driven and consider the Empathizers too touchy-feely. At times they're exasperated by them.

Empathizers, on the other hand, can consider Movers aggressive and borderline rude

Analysts, on the other hand, can find the Performer a complete waste of space Always cracking jokes and not being fully researched or in touch with logical fact and reasoning, the Performer will find that his or her normal charm offensive cuts no ice with the Analyst, who values hard facts and evidence over entertainment and gut reaction any day of the week . In reverse, the Performer can find the Analyst dour and boring, a bucket of cold water thrown over all their enthusiasm and creative ideas

So will like-meets-like be a match made in heaven? Not necessarily I Two Movers could get into a competition for power or status that turns into a fight to the death I Two Performers might amuse one another initially, but they could also find themselves vying for the spotlight I Two Empathizers could have more instant rapport with one another as they share an enjoyment of chatting and listening I Two Analysts should work together in calm harmony .

To create the rapport that will enable you to be persuasive and influential over someone else at work you'll need to take two vital steps: 1. Know yourself . This means having an effective assessment of your own profile or communication and bodytalk styles right now, today I've described a profile of each type, but of course you'll identify more strongly with some of their qualities than others . For instance, you might be a Mover who can enjoy some amount of small talk, or an Analyst who likes to socialize now and again. Keeping the types in mind, create your own profile, making it as accurate as possible 2. Tailor your style. The second step is to spot the profile or type of person you want to be more effective with. Once you've done that, you need to plan out how to be complementary to their communication style and tailor your own accordingly

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