Overkill Highstatus Signals In The Workplace

If you're genuinely high status and comfortable with that, you shouldn't need to throw your weight around verbally or visually . These following signals come under the heading of Power Posturing . Genuinely high-status people will usually have the confidence to avoid these at all times I Standing too close I Standing behind someone

I Power shaking (keeping your hand on top in the handshake) I Shake and grab — using an arm-clench to control the other person as you shake I Shake-and-pat, patting the other person as you shake their hand

I Power patting — patting the other person on the back or shoulder

I Using more space than everyone else I Sitting or standing higher than everyone I Chin raised, looking down your nose I Not smiling back or acknowledging someone when they greet you

I Wide-splayed legs I Hands on hips I Chest stuck out I Pit baring I Smug smile I Staring I Frowning I Metronomic gestures I Steepled fingers

I Cutoff signals, like closing your eyes when someone is talking to you or you're talking to them I Aggressive arm-fold

I Looking more relaxed than the other person I Stomping in high heels I Steering other people

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