Ownership signals

way that a couple communicates when they're not using words Tie-signs are an important part of any close relationship, but they're so instinctive and so subtle that often the couple aren't consciously aware they're using them

A tie-sign can take several different forms: it can be a glance, a fast or slow blink, a mouth gesture (like pulling the lips in to register disapproval), a narrowing or widening of the eyes, a head-tilt or nod, or a touch, tap, or stroke . Tie-signs are examples of communication in a relationship and when one person in the couple begins to ignore them you can bet good money the relationship is in trouble

Negative tie-signs tend to be verbal. These are less agreed as signals and tend to have a lower hit rate This always leads to arguments over misunderstandings, as in: "When you asked if I was okay you should have known I wasn't by the tone of my voice" or "I know I said I didn't want a birthday present but you should have been able to tell I didn't mean it . "

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