Pen abuse

Your pen will be your constant companion at work and—without you realizing it—it will also become a barometer of your inner thoughts and feelings . Make sure your penwork isn't giving away more than you wanted I The sword. You brandish it aloft when you're on the attack, jabbing it like a sword or stabbing it like a dagger It displays a suppressed desire to launch a physical attack I The metronome . You tap it on your desk or on your hand, either all the time or sometimes as you make your big point It looks aggressive and controlling I The scientist . You take it to pieces and put it back together again, unscrewing the middle and then stuffing everything back once the spring makes it all fall out It makes you look nervous and clumsy or hugely distracted I The chewer. You chew the top of your pen like a chipmunk chews a log When you've finished, a large part of the plastic is missing and the end looks gnarled, with teeth puncture marks You look anxious and frustrated, with a high degree of suppressed aggression I The sucker. You suck the top of your pen. This is a very childlike comfort gesture, like sucking your thumb . It can also have sexual overtones if you pull it slowly in and out of your mouth I The clicker . You make your pen click at regular intervals with the pace increasing as the pressure builds up You look stressed and anxious, and you annoy the hell out of your colleagues I The helicopter. You spin your pen around between your fingers like a rotating helicopter blade You look childish and bored I The doodler. Your doodling is probably done to increase your listening power, but it will look as though you're bored

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