Pentup tension I Eyedart or stammering eye fast blinking Stress releases

adrenalin which can cause accelerated blink rate I Licking lips in a darting manner. A similarly produced response to eye-dart I Excessive swallowing. Adrenalin dries the throat and mouth

I Jerky, dislocated movement. Stress creates dissonance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, meaning the desire to fight or flight is interspersed with a desire to sit still and relax . This inner conflict can cause dislocated movements

I Nervous laughter or giggling. Not all laughter is prompted by fun. It can also be a nervous response .

I Shaking hands . Prompted by adrenalin.

I Wide eyes . We widen our eyes in response to shock or surprise . It's part of our survival system but inappropriate long term . Doing it for long periods of time can signal fear or stress

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