Physiological signals

These are all those body signals that you're almost powerless to control, like blushing, blotchy nerve rashes, sweating, and shaking or trembling Although these symptoms have a certain amount of comic value, they're no laughing matter when you're suffering from them

They are all caused by the power of your mind controlling your body . Although they're all quite natural, they're only supposed to occur in the face of physical danger They're caused by adrenalin and that rush of energy you get as an animal when you're threatened by a bigger animal It's your fight-or-flight mechanism kicking in, but it's your fight-or-flight response being rather overzealous, especially if it's triggered by a first date or a meeting with the boss .

Excessive sweating has caused problems for a lot of politicians and TV celebrities . Former Prime Minister Tony Blair had a famous case of patches on the shirt during a keynote speech a few years ago, and several acres of rainforest went under the axe as newspapers discussed the whys of the PM getting so damp . Was it stress? Was it nerves? Perhaps it was nothing more than very hot lights or a warm room

I've seen hundreds of businesswomen break out in neck blotches when put under pressure . Do businessmen suffer the same problem? Who knows, they're muffled to the beard line with collars and ties Perhaps they're gleaming crimson underneath, but the point is you'd never know, and that's a key tip for women to remember: if you know you get blotchy on a regular basis, then try wearing higher necklines

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