Power walking

Now that you've perfected the art of standing and sitting (your key pole positions that will get you started) it's time to get your coordination going sufficiently to walk

Sounds easy? You've been walking since you were a toddler—how hard can it be? The problem is you've been walking without thinking about it Your walk techniques have been subconscious, reproduced on a regular basis by your muscle memory . Now's the time to drag the skills kicking and screaming into the conscious mind, which will make you feel uncomfortable, awkward, and too self-aware

Like all your bodytalk, though, it's vital that you're aware of the current reality If your walk is "ideal" you're very lucky and very much in the minority . Did you ever people-watch from a window, studying people as they walk down the road? How many walks looked okay and how many were in dire need of urgent restructuring? Grab a pair of your oldest, most well-worn shoes from the closet Take a glance at the heels How are they worn? What angle are they at? Do you have a chip out at the back, or are the sides worn at an angle? This should begin to give you a clue about your own alignment

I spent several years as a runway model and several more years teaching models—including Naomi Campbell—how to walk . Very few people have what I would call a naturally good walk and some of the top catwalk models had to have their entire walk pulled to pieces before being reconstructed into something that looks fabulous but effortless

So—get in front of that full-length mirror again, only this time stand as far back as possible Get into your Power Posture pose (stretched spine, dropped shoulders, chin level, and so on) I Tuck your pelvis in and under (less so for the guys!). I Allow your arms to hang loosely by your sides, keeping them slightly to the back

I Keep looking straight ahead. It might feel as though you need to look at your feet but this will have a negative effect on your balance I Extend your right foot, placing your right heel lightly down on to the floor

I Begin to peel off your left foot, keeping your weight over that foot, rather than tilting forward and leading with your head I Let your arms swing very slightly with the left arm coming forward at the same time as your right leg I Keep your pace slightly smaller than usual. I Keep walking, coordinating all these movements until they become smooth and natural looking

If you're trying this workout you might be thinking that it could take ten years or more before this all starts to look natural Two vital tips here:

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