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I've been analyzing celebrity body language for TV and magazines for several years and believe there's a lot we can all learn from their red-carpet poses. Celebrity couples are infamously popular, and thus there will always be a strong whiff of professionalism hanging around any celeb pairing, making it easy to be suspicious about the real messages behind the ones we see on display.

By reading a red-carpet couple's performed signals and then looking for their body language leakage you can gain some good insights into the state of some of your own relationships.

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I As a general rule of thumb, the more affectionate a celebrity couple looks in public the nearer they are to a divorce. Remember Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston walking arm in arm along that tropical beach just before he rushed off into the arms of Angelina Jolie? Or Angelina's overt displays of tonsil tennis with hubby Billy Bob Thornton? When a couple tries too hard to show their deep and enduring love for one another it's a sure bet their lawyers are busy licking the envelopes of the divorce papers.

I The hardest emotion to act out is a genuinely shared and very subtle sense of humor. I'm not talking about those full-on, mouth-thrown-wide-open smiles that you get from the likes of Katie Holmes and Britney Spears, but the knowing smiles that a well-honed couple will throw one another to share a silent joke These subtle and suppressed smiles will say more about what is positive in a relationship than any amount of full-on groping I Tie-signs are often invisible in photos but you can see them in action during filmed footage. When Tom Cruise appeared with Nicole Kidman when they were married he performed a series of small pats on her back as they were posing These were behind-the-scenes pats as far as the banks of snappers were concerned, but they showed how closely choreographed the couple apparently were and who was in charge of that choreography Each pat Tom did appeared to be a signal for movement I Proximity is often a valuable clue to genuine red-carpet relationships . If a couple's heads are close there's often some trust on display . If their eye-gaze points in the same direction they're probably like-minded or share similar goals Arm and hand displays are often easily performed, so look for hidden hands that aren't held aloft but are clasped together Torsos will be hugely revealing . If they're congruent—that is, both angled inward—the couple is probably for real, especially if there's pelvic closeness, which will signal a healthy sex life . Often, though, one person is turned fully toward the camera while the other is draped over him or her This is an ego and status display that can be telling If it's the bigger star who's fronting the shots, then you can imagine some silent resentment from the partner If it's the non-star who's fronting the pose while the big star plays compliant, then you'll know there's trouble to come

I Some celeb couples manage a status imbalance, but many more struggle. Look at footage or shots of musician Rod Stewart and model Penny Lancaster and you'll see a big star employing submissive body language with his taller and more camera-friendly partner . At one stage Rod's response while Penny took over the interview was to ogle her cleavage to reinstate his alpha male credentials I Some celebs appear to struggle with status swings, though. When Ben Affleck was dating Jennifer Lopez, she was undeniably the bigger name . Instead of rocking and rolling with this at his movie premiere, though, Ben worked the crowd while J-Lo stood talking with what looked like security It was obviously a bid to not upstage her man, but a thousand cameras were still focused in her direction nevertheless . Ben had a very naughty habit when kissing Jennifer in front of the cameras, too, using what's called the distracted kiss While kissing one of the world's most desirable women, he would glance out and away from her, suggesting she wasn't enough to hold his attention I Elton John and David Furnish probably manage the red-carpet poses better than most. David excels at the perfect camera smile and they tend to pose as equals, with Elton marginally more dominant . As they move away from the cameras their tie-signs intensify rather than decrease, suggesting genuine affection I One big red-carpet moment that every celebrity dreads is the "smile-you've-just-been-dumped" pose. Whereas normal mortals get to lock themselves away until the tears of shame have dried, recently dumped celebs are forced to grit their teeth and get out in front of the banks of cameras . Their response is always to perform what I call the Oscar-loser pose . Remember that moment during the Oscars when all the nominees' faces are plastered on screen to see their responses when they find out who won? The format is always the same: the winner must look distraught while the losers grin and laugh as though they've just heard some excellent news . When a close couple split there's no going back as far as their body language is concerned. All the naturally synchronized choreography ceases and they become less attuned than total strangers

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