Rule 1 Stick To Simple Tricks

I know you've been told that "no pain equals no gain" but I promise you it's not true in this case . By creating simple goals and steps for yourself, and then sticking to them, you'll make the most dramatic changes Here are three for you to be going on with:

1. Always make a great entrance.

2. Learn to smile.

3. Learn to shake hands .

Easy? Of course . But look around at other people you work with: how many of them manage to achieve and perform these three most basic traits of the charismatic personality? How many of your colleagues drift into the office or into meeting rooms looking like zombies and spend the first few precious first-impression minutes moaning about how tired they are? How many of them are diffident or ignorant about the basic techniques of shaking someone's hand? How many of them dogface or do screensaver facial expressions when they meet clients as well as other colleagues? Well, you're not going to be one of them

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