Rule 3 Get The Status Signals Right

All businesses are hierarchical Your place in that hierarchy will depend on three key things:

1. Your anointed status . This comes along with the j ob title . You might be called "manager" or "team leader" and other workers will be aware you're in charge

2. Your animal status . This is your genuine place in the pecking order It will be decided by the amount of respect your colleagues have for you and your abilities

3. Your mean status . There are certain individuals in any company who define their own status according to the amount of fake or psychological power they can wield . If you've seen the comedy series Scrubs you'll know the janitor who is able to bully the doctors by his knowledge of the building. Businesses are full of similar bullies, usually working for IT or Accounting . Their anointed status is low (often being seen as "support") but their niche knowledge means they're able to flex their power muscles, often as acts of revenge

To be successful in business—or even to get a job in the first place—you will need to play those power signals like a Stradivarius violin.

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