Rule 4 Put In A Good Performance

There is no such thing as "being yourself' at work . (Unless you work from home and never use the phone . Even then

I'll bet you still have to get out there and perform when you plug whatever product you've been hatching .) Actors recognize their key performance moments and train for them, rehearse for them, and research for them They get their bodies and minds into shape, and they work toward their success . Why are business people so lackluster about their performance prep time? A common excuse is that "I didn't have time to prepare for that presentation or meeting " What do you think an actor would do if he was told to go out on stage with no time to prepare for or learn the part? Would he wander in front of the audience, blink into the spotlights, and apologize for being nervous and having no idea about the script? No, he would freak

Your key performance moments at work will be these:

I Academy Award winners . This is when you address a group of shareholders, do a business presentation, speak at a conference, or address that big board meeting

I Starring roles . These performances are the recruitment or promotional interviews, one-to-ones, meetings, customer meetings, running training or inductions, front-line customer transactions, or complaint handling

I Supporting roles . Team-building, training, away days, or talking business to colleagues

I Walk-ons . Any other appearances that seem more passive, like arriving at work, sitting at your desk, leaving, eating lunch, and so on

Recognize the fact that you're performing, just as an actor performs on stage . If you're in denial ("It's just a quick chat/small presentation," "I didn't really know what I was talking about," "Someone asked me to do it," and so on) you really do need to grow up quickly because that is unprofessional thinking and behavior, and won't help with your charisma rating

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