Saying goodbye the subtle art of exit impressions

You may feel as though your interview has gone well, or you might fear it's gone rather badly . Generally it's almost impossible to gauge your chances of success unless you know you've been especially awful and called the interviewer's wife a dog

Before you present your exit face, keep in mind that interviewers are often nice at the end because they know if they're seeing the back of you forever, or sometimes cold because they want to think before offering you the job . If you're too paranoid you could end on a glum face with that kind of resigned expression that says: "Okay, we both know I haven't got it " This could—in an extreme case—lose you the job

Take your lead to leave from your interviewers They should be experienced enough to display both verbal and nonverbal clues like moving their chair back a little and saying something like "Well, if there are no more questions..." When this happens: I Never leap out of your chair like a scalded cat . Not only does it make you look as though you're relieved the interview's over, but it also makes you look clumsier Exiting an interview room is a prime time for clumsy behavior and speech Ever found yourself saying something really stupid on the way out of a meeting? Unfortunately the brain has a habit of getting out of the room before your body does Take your time and move carefully You don't want to knock your chair over or hit your head on the door or screw up the goodbye handshake . Plan your exit just as carefully as you plan your entrance I Be prepared to shake hands again, so don't pick up any bags or papers in your right hand

I Wait to see who offers you their hand. It's easy to shake too early, doing the full handshake ritual with someone who then says, "Actually, I'm going to walk you to the reception. " Good interviewers should see you off the premises I Or they might leave you at the elevator. If so, that's where you shake hands This means coordinating it with the arrival of the elevator Expect them to wait for the elevator to arrive, so shake just as you're about to get in

I Don't forget your eye contact and smile ritual as you leave them. This isn't the time to suddenly find the floor a very attractive thing to look at I If you need a taxi it's okay to ask, but never ask the way to the nearest station or you'll look immature I Say thank you to the receptionist as you walk out.

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