Schematic or mime signals

These are intended to be much more precise and should create deeper understanding of your message However, not everyone speaks the same body language and you should remember that there are cultural variations

The classic signals do appear to have obvious meanings, though Ask someone how they are and a "thumbs up" will nearly always signal "okay " Hold one hand out and wobble it from side to side and you're letting someone know you're not sure or "maybe . " Tapping the side of your nose can mean "keep it to yourself " However, mime or symbolic signals can be confusing . When famous English soccer player Paul Gascoigne famously wept during the World Cup, teammate Gary Lineker looked toward the bench and tapped an index finger toward his eye I'd always thought he was letting them know there was crying occurring on the field but a quick lipread seems to suggest he was really saying "keep an eye on him "

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