Selfcalm gestures

If this book was about stress management I'd be encouraging you to keep doing your self-calm gestures . They're the sucking, stroking, and patting things you do to make yourself feel better when you're under pressure Unfortunately, you do need to ask yourself how many times you'd have "anxious" on the top of your image projection wish list

If you're hooked on self-calming gestures, then at least try to develop one that is less visible If it takes twenty-one to thirty days to change a habit, find a new one and make it work All you need to do is invent a new self-calming gesture, like rubbing the tip of your thumb . Do it for twenty-one days when you feel calm and comfortable, then begin to use it to calm yourself down when you're stressed . Your brain will learn by association and the new gesture should be subtle enough to keep hidden

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