Show Dont Tell

You can list all your dazzling skills like honesty, team leadership, communications, and management, but if you don't display you don't get the pay There are two ways to display your talents:

1. Back up all your claims with hard proof.

2. Look and act the part.

You will, of course, need to do both

I When you tell your interviewer you have leadership and/or management skills, follow your claim up by telling them when and how you have used them. I When you tell them you're keen to be employed by their company, prove your point by displaying knowledge of them and their products or services I When you say you have people skills, show them on the interviewers

It's amazing how many applicants miss this one very simple trick They will happily turn up late for the interview then claim they're 100 percent reliable . They'll answer questions in monosyllables but then claim they could charm the birds from the trees in terms of selling They boast about their presentation skills but struggle over simple introductions Take proof of all your claims Be ready to cite examples and give evidence

Plan your physical choreography. First impressions—your blink factor—will count during an interview like never before

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