I Legs crossed, elbows propped on arms of chair, hands loosely clutched in lap

I Legs uncrossed, knees slightly apart, elbows on arms of chair, hands loosely clasped (this is only a good sitting position for men).

I Sitting forward in the chair, legs slightly splayed, elbows on thighs, you'll look keen to listen, but be careful of being overcongruent—you risk looking too keen.

I Legs crossed, one elbow over back of chair, hands lightly clasped This makes you look confident as long as the chair-back is the right height and shape to pull the pose off smoothly You could risk looking slightly disconnected from the discussion, though

I Legs splayed wide, arms folded tight on chest, slightly slumped.

The position gives off mixed signals: a strongly dominant or arrogant crotch-display combined with guarded body barrier that makes you look argumentative and stubborn I Arms and legs crossed. This signifies closed to attempts at communication I Arms behind head, legs splayed. This is the classic pit-baring pose that exposes all your most delicate body parts, making you look arrogant I Arms clasped behind chair, legs wrapped around chair legs .

You look as though you're being held hostage I Perching on edge of chair, tucked into the side or corner of the room This makes you look nervous and anxious I Slumped and looking down. You'll come across as negative and bored I Straddling back of chair. Here you'll seem playful, gung-ho, and flirty, but totally obnoxious .

I One leg across the other, calf on top of thigh. This is not an especially negative pose but still a form of barrier, making you appear disconnected or judgmental I Same leg position as previously but torso leaning back slightly and hands on calf This hand gesture reinforces the barrier nature of the pose, making you look like you're not in agreement with what's being said I Sitting upright with steepled fingers, elbows resting on arms of chair This pose appears to emphasize your status to the point where it demeans that of the person with you

I Legs splayed wide, elbows hooked over the back of the chair .

This pose is aggressive and combative I Sitting on top of one leg, which is crooked under your bottom.

This suggests you're instinctive, childlike, and energetic, plus quite keen to raise your status by raising your height I Legs crossed on the chair . This pose suggests you're either completely childlike or that you have spiritual tendencies

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