Social power signals

In many ways social power displays are a necessity if a group or a couple is going to form in a way that is harmonious However, like the normal status signals, it's all to do with balance and the blend with comfortable compliance

Your group of friends will have its own pecking order that is similar to a colony of animals . You might think you're all evenly placed but it would be hugely unlikely that you don't have an unanointed leader for a variety of different scenarios . You might even have one warrior leader and one peace-time leader—that is, one person who does all the social arrangements and decisions and one you would all stick to like glue if the group were under physical threat or challenge

In groups of men it's often far easier to spot the main power broker . Men still use quite obvious Power-Posture signals like splayed legs, puffed chests, fleeting crotch-touch, butt-clench signs, and even pit-baring gestures when they sit with their hands behind their heads baring all their delicate body parts to signal how unthreatening they find the person they're speaking to

With groups of women there are less obvious alpha signs as—in ape terms—women in modern society tend to veer between alpha male and alpha female signals So the most powerful female could be the one doing the complimenting, hugging or grooming, or she could be the one with the loudest laugh, toughest-looking posture and highest seat or biggest space

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