Status and power signals

We all like to flex our power muscles now and again, some of us more than others . Celebrities are possibly the worst Power Posturers in the world, probably because their power depends on a very defined pecking order that is constantly on the move Power signals aren't all bad then, but it's important you get the balance right

Imagine going into work each day and having to form a line in order of importance . This is what happens to actors every time they make a movie or TV show . Up there for all the world to see is the cast list in order of status Not only is the order of names important, but so is the size of the typeface used and how long the name is left on screen This is why we get to see odd-looking billing categories like "Also Starring" and "Special Guest Star. " What this usually means is that there's been the mother of all fights between the agent and the production company to hike a star up the pecking order

In business there are job titles, but these have become obscure enough to be virtually meaningless Hierarchical terms like "the boss" and "support staff' are practically extinct

Money is the biggest pecking order in most companies, which is why earnings are kept strictly under wraps I once worked with a company where a disgruntled HR manager had "accidentally" posted a list of everyone's wages to every computer in the firm The tidal wave of discontent and resentment caused by this has lasted for years and still exists to this day

Status displays and Power Posturing displays are rife in modern life, possibly because of this need to show who's "the boss " As I've stated, the dominance-versus-compliance power balance is relentless in our daily lives As you pick your way through each transaction, you show a welter of dominance or compliance signals that you might not even be aware of. Here are some of the categories .

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