Taking control of your inner demons

I Recognize that your responses to any scenario or transaction can be courtesy of your inner demons These are all natural, instinctive voices but your "leader" voice will need to be developed to control all these others to help achieve your own image goals I Now's the time to identify that leader voice. It will stand for logic and reason It will need to be able to take control in any emergency and it will need to be able to self-coach, reminding you of all you stand to gain and everything you could lose if you allow your child/animal/diva voices to take control . I The name of this voice or state is "adult . " I When you feel emotions taking over, focus on this adult state and allow it to steer your body language Think positively and tell yourself to expect positive outcomes Let this reflect in your posture and gestures I Visualize your adult self . Put a face to it and even a name to it, if it helps See it coping in an emergency

Then mimic it in your body language . Your adult state is always confident and calm. Repeat this mantra to encourage your body to relax: "I feel calm, confident, and in control . "

It's easy to believe in the power of personality and impulsive behavior, and argue that if you train yourself to respond rather than react to situations and stimulus you're being fake However you should always remember that your behavior is not your personality It's your tool, not your master, and you use it and change it to suit your life circumstances The human animal survives on its ability to socialize and create strategies . Working on your behaviors is vital, as is being in touch with your "adult" self. We are all several selves, not just one, and your ability to flex your behavior via your body language and impact is crucial for your development and success in life

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