The airkiss

This once rather arch and camp greeting ritual has now entered mainstream business society and is used extensively, not just by women . There's a jolly sense of irony about the gesture that means it will often be mocked even as it's being performed This mockery is evident in the mutual laughter and exaggerated "mwa mwa" noises that mimic the act of kissing

Why the joviality? To an outsider this has to be one hell of a complex ritual, but to those in the know it's quite simple . Straightforward cheek kissing can be very sweet, but the overdone type is making a shared joke of the whole process . It's making a joke out of the baroqueness of it all

Air kissing comes with no set of etiquette rules regarding how many kisses and which cheek to go for, so it's up to you to take control Place your hands lightly upon your visitor's shoulders to steer them Put your right cheek to theirs first, then go for the other side Then end

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