The blink factor analyzing and evaluating your own first impressions

How quickly will other people be assessing you? Probably in the amount of time it takes to blink . When you walk into a room there will be an animal impulse for others in that room to assess you visually, even if they barely appear to be paying attention

This impulse is part of the fight-or-flight survival response The first information those others will need to obtain is whether you appear to constitute a threat or not. After that, though, it's a bit of an image free-for-all as they try to discover your status, job, reason for being there, sexual desirability, and so on And this isn't just for people you're meeting for the first time . In business the blink factor is ongoing . Every day you'll be viewed with these same eyes as people try to judge your mood or your leadership qualities, your knowledge or ability to either take control or be submissive, and their chances of getting you to work late, get coffee, explain the workings of the IT system, and take all that flirting and saucy email stuff further when you are at a happy hour

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