The blink

Your "blink" signals come from any or all of the following: I Gaze or eye contact I Posture I Gestures I Facial expression I Touch

I Spatial behavior I Grooming (including your smell!) I Dress

How many of these key factors do you think you're consciously aware of each time you meet people or walk into a room or an office? Here are a few quick questions: I Do you know what your facial expression looks like or do you feel it and assume it's doing okay? I Do you take a moment to stand tall and look relaxed before you walk into a room? Or do you shuffle in hoping no one's noticed you? I Do you have an eye for grooming details? Are your nails always clean and nail varnish unchipped? Or do you sometimes rush out of the house hoping no one will notice or that if they do they'll think it's part of your hobo-chic look?

I When you speak do your hands ever get out of control? Are you always being told you wave your arms around too much? Do your hands tend to carry on their own conversations regardless of the fact that you're willing them to keep still?

I Are you aware of your own personal tics, fiddles, mannerisms, or other habits that get worse when you're put under pressure?

I Do you ever make a conscious effort to keep your hands under control by shoving them into your pockets, clasping them behind your back, or folding your arms?

I Do you ever use a handbag or pen as a prop to keep your hands occupied?

I Are you aware how close you stand to other people when you're talking?

I Do you give a good shake? Are you sure your handshake is a good one and do you know exactly when to use it or when to instigate it?

I Do your feet ever tap or twitch when you're sitting down? Or does your leg swing or twitch?

I Do you evaluate your own eye contact, using more at times to create a positive impression, or do you allow it to be steered by your emotions, using less when you feel lacking in confidence or intimidated by a stronger character?

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