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Always arrive ten to fifteen minutes early and park yourself in a café to get yourself focused and into your ideal "state . " Never start your day at your desk . Always arrive ready to hit the ground running . Otherwise you're like an actor getting into costume and makeup on stage By correcting your body language message before you get to the entrance you'll feel like less of a sham Pull yourself up into your Power Walk . Adjust your rate of stride . The sound of your feet plus your aura of energy will impress or depress other colleagues on a subconscious level Too fast will appear stressed, especially if you take small, clacking strides Too slow looks depressed and reluctant To appear charismatic you need to appear ready to face each day and each situation with energy and enthusiasm, not terror, boredom or reluctance I How not to leak: Any subliminal signals of dissent from your own body will destroy your overall message. Power Walking will be messed up if you show it's an act Your biggest risks of leakage will come from: clenched teeth, being seen taking a deep breath, and a vocal tone that is too high, bright, and chipper You're not a flight attendant serving drinks as the plane goes down. Drop the tone from "breezy" to "friendly" and try to walk in a way that makes less foot-noise It's amazing how fast cloppy feet send out a message of "I know we're all suffering here and I'm suffering more than most but if I can look bright then so can you " Your body language should never look reproachful to others Make it your aim to raise their mood, but not by scolding We've all heard the "good morning" through clenched teeth Avoid the sigh, too!

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