The Nose Kiss

What it is: It's when the guy bends to plant a very delicate kiss on the tip of his girl's nose

Why it's nice: It's good for two reasons: a) it's cute, and b) it doesn't mess up the lip gloss It only really works if the girl's happy to be seen as a fluffy little bunnykins, but if that's cool, go for it

How you do it: First you'll need to be considerably taller than your girlfriend and secondly you'll have to engage her full attention but without signaling that you want to kiss properly, otherwise she'll tilt her head up and the moment will be lost The kiss needs to be light so you'll have to pucker If you don't pucker you'll imply her nose is huge David Beckham has famously used this nose kiss with his wife and it usually leaves other women going "aww" but without knowing exactly why

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