The Regular Kiss

What it is: It's good to know a regular-order kiss that will be acceptable to both parties This is the middle ground as far as kissing is concerned—nice, sexy, but not too daring A good first-date kiss

Why it's nice: In kissing terms this is like the missionary position and you'll need to perfect it before you move on to anything more advanced . When someone's described as a good kisser it's usually this type of kiss they're known for, rather than anything more acrobatic

How you do it: You'll need close proximity and lots of bodily touch, at least arms around one another or sitting side by side The signal for this kiss will be close heads and matching eye contact—if your partner looks away, then abort the mission because he or she's not interested This kiss is all about someone taking the lead, though If it's up to you, you should pause slightly with the eye-gaze This is a difficult piece of body language to sustain, so your partner should be almost relieved when you stop gazing and start kissing

Soften your eye expression as you move in for the kiss and tilt your head to your right a little It's easier to kiss upward than it is to kiss downward so if you're a guy you could bend a little so your chin can be lifted Not too far though, or she'll think you're shrinking A slight jut of the lower lip as you come close aids direction and looks terribly sexy . Don't bare bottom teeth, though, or you'll look more like a werewolf

The first kiss should be quite light and exploratory Then you can increase the pressure while closing your eyes and pushing your torsos closer together Your lips should part and turn clockwise slightly so your mouths join properly At this point it would be okay to place one hand on the back of your partner's head, but don't make it feel like a restraining gesture, just a light affectionate touch

The best time to break is when the saliva becomes too unmanageable, which can be quite early on if you're inexperienced Your mouths might make a noise as you kiss, which is okay, but you should never make a feature of it as it can be a turnoff if it gets too excessive . For this reason never suck as you kiss

Clunking teeth is horrible but hard to avoid if you're new to kissing or a new couple If it happens, back off a little bit until it's just lips again

This type of kissing usually falls into the kiss-break-kiss-break pattern . If this happens, make sure you do your lighter kiss first each time before you go for the full-on kiss

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