The Romantic Kiss

What it is: This kiss is mostly about the foreplay . Imagine you're going for the regular or the French kiss Before you lock mouths you signal deep affection or love by adding some deft touches with your hands and eye contact

Why it's nice: This is the type of kiss that can make a girl go weak at the knees—literally . It turns a kiss that could just mean lust into a meaningful kiss that could mean love This is a delayed gratification kiss that suggests you're after your partner's mind and soul as well as his or her body But be warned: if you do this kiss every time you meet a new partner you could easily be labeled a love rat

How you do it: As you get close enough to kiss take a meaningful pause . Gaze deeply into his or her eyes and run a knuckle gently down the side of his or her face . This should be the index finger, bent into a crooked position, with the outside edge of the first joint used to do the touching This gesture will signal you're amazed by them Pause again and then cup your partner's face in both your hands, shrug your shoulders up together, tilt your head to your right, close your eyes, and go straight for the deep, passionate kiss There's no need for the reconnaissance mini kisses with this kiss, as by holding his or her head in your hands you'll know you're on target without having to check

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