The Tiptoe Kiss

This can be performed as part of the build-up to the real thing but it can also work by itself too It's the least sexual-looking kiss but that doesn't mean it won't be a turn-on

What it is: It's the gentlest of kisses because you only really brush lips together . It's fluttery rather than a full-on assault

Why it's nice: It's very very flirty and can be extremely exciting, in a "less is more" kind of a way

How you do it: There should be some body contact to ensure perfect steerage as this kiss is especially hard to execute with no other touch A hand to the chin or shoulders will do, then you pucker up very slightly but with no tightness or tension in the lips, which should be barely parted Tilt your head gently to your right, close your eyes, and do a series of very small kisses across your partner's lips It's more of a nibble than a kissing movement, although needless to say no teeth are involved

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